Games localization agency

Welcome to GLHF

an English to Italian localization agency


Video games localization, editing, proofreading, localization Q/A. And hard playing, of course!

About Us

We love games. We are gamers.
And we took a well-known multiplayer motto as the name of our agency, GL (Good Luck) HF (Have Fun), which for us means “Have fun, whatever you’re doing, and remember that a bit of luck always helps”.

We’re lucky enough to use our skills in an industry we love. With a background in the entertainment area, a collaborative mindset and strong skills in translation & localization, GLHF is the partner you’re looking for.

How we Work


Don’t just tell us about your project: long Word files are just boring and so 90’s. Involve us. It’s faster and it works better.


Guru meditation (but we’re doing the magic, don’t worry!)


Magic done! We will (literaly) play with it, then it will be delivered.

Relax and just focus on the development.
What we can do for you is:

Coherence tests
localization Q/A


Drop us an Email

We prefer “hi” to “good afternoon” and we try to be less formal as possible.
We prefer jeans and hoodies to shirts and ties (but we think that bow ties are cool, of course).

If, considered all of the above, you want to involve us in a project, just write to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

(little secret: we answer to formal emails too. But we’ll do our best to bring you to the friendly side! We got cookies, you know…)