Here you will (probably) find all the answers.

No, I’m not an agency nor a Language Service Provider. I’m just a translator, and I can work solo or inside a team.
The main disadvantage is having an extra contact point for a single language.
The biggest advantage is that, with no agency or LSP, you’ll save at least a good 25%.
Some projects require an agency/LSP, some may not; in both cases, I can help.
I only work with the English/Italian pair, and I only translate from English to Italian, not from Italian to English.
No, I only provide English to Italian localization. If you need, I can point you to some agencies I work with which will manage all the languages you need.
Generally speaking, yes, but I could ask to take a look at the translated text beforehand.
Videogames are a passion and the field I focus on. I have already worked (and might be willing to work again) on:

  • Subtitles translation
  • IT/Web contents
  • General Marketing

Please contact me for more information.

I translate everything it’s related to the game that you want to be translated! As an example, this includes user manual(s), marketing email(s), website, social posts…
I use Trados Studio & Excel almost exclusively, they allow me to work with the most common file formats (xls, xliff, xml, po, just to name a few). Here’s a – probably incomplete – list of the CATs I’ve used over the years:

  • SDL Trados
  • MemoQ (offline, online with shared TM/TB, web-based)
  • MemSource (pc version, online version)
  • Transifex
  • Smartlings
  • MateCat
Just send me an email!

Curious about my “gamer side”? Read on! (warning, seriousness level may decrease)

I’ve started playing videogames in the mid ’80s (you got it, I’m not a teenager anymore!)
My first serious game, excluding Pong and similar, was a C64 game called “Mancopter”. Please Google it!
Hell, no! Videogames have always been a hobby, a diversion, something which made me fail my exams at the university! In 2015 they have become a full time job, and spending hours and hours playing eventually paid off!
If I had more time to play, I’d say RPGs, Baldur’s Gate was probably my first love. Now I mainly play Shoot’em ups, adventure and online MOBAs. And some casual games on my smartphone/tablet.
All the games where there are no character limitations! 😛
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