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We are a team specialized in English to Italian videogames localization

words translated
projects (and counting)

What we do

This is what we love! Give us what must be translated and you’ll have the file back, no dramas.
95% of what we translate is videogames-related, if in doubt just send an email.
Format doesn’t matter (but follow the rule “the more it is editable, the faster the translation”), we always have the right tools, and we can work on existing glossaries and/or TMs, or provide new ones if requested.

The “cleanup service”! We always do it on the translations we provide, if requested this can be done on pre-existing translations.
Consistency, coherence, typo-free and linguistic accuracy are words we love!

We never hide we’re gamers, we’ve seen huge pixels become triangles, 3D and VR! If you need in-game linguistic testing, with report or direct fixes, you’re in the right place!
(availability for some platforms may be limited)

Give us the English source and a beta-key for your game and you’ll have back a language file ready to be released.
Just send an email to have some references and examples of the project we have followed from the very beginning to the release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth hurt? Call a dentist.
Car broken? Call a mechanic.
Game to translate? Call a gamer!

For any question of information, please fill and send the form. We will reply to your email as soon as possible. Thanks!